Litwear started as a custom basketball jersey service in 2015. It was founded by Drew Romero & Torch Chavez , the same founders of several domestic basketball leagues in Melbourne Australia. At that time, there were few options around Melbourne to buy a well-designed & custom-fit basketball jersey & so, the Litwear brand was born.

What makes Litwear stand out is its passion for producing amazing designs to achieve its customer’s vision. Every customer comes to Litwear with a vision & expectation of what they want to achieve.

After starting from just custom basketball jersey service, Litwear now sells custom league brands & sportswear for any sports you can imagine. Litwear also pioneered its Litwear Signature Brands for top-ranked athletes in Australia.

Most of the products of Litwear are available worldwide, organically sourced & 70% of Litwear products are designed, crafted, and sourced in Melbourne Australia.